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Wealtime tell you water bottle global sourcing trends

Wealtime tell you water bottle global sourcing trends

wealtime as a water bottle source manufacturer,it is a kind of Global Sourcing,now let us get start to kown about Global Sourcing.

Definition 1: Global Sourcing refers to the use of global resources to find suppliers worldwide to find products with the best quality and reasonable prices.

Definition 2: global procurement, generally refers to the "official procurement" that does not include the behavior of the enterprise, such as the United Nations, various international organizations, governments and other organizations and organizations, for the performance of public functions, the use of public funds for the procurement of goods, engineering and services. The object of the purchase is all kinds of products, such as products, equipment and all kinds of goods, but also houses, structures, municipal and environmental transformation projects, and all kinds of services.

Global sourcing is no longer new. Multinational companies have been buying components and finished products all over the world for several years. Recently, the economic downturn has contributed to this trend. Reducing costs has become the top priority for most companies since twenty-first Century, which makes suppliers in low - cost countries very attractive, and China is the biggest beneficiary of this trend.

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E-commerce procurement model

The global procurement system is an e-commerce procurement mode. Enterprises must be familiar with and master the procurement mode of e-commerce when they want to enter the global procurement system. The emergence and development of e-commerce is closely related to logistics and procurement activities.

The emergence of e-commerce has made fundamental changes in the traditional mode of purchase. Under the modern market economy, there are three ways to purchase electronic commerce, that is, government procurement, enterprise procurement and personal procurement. Whether it is B2B (between enterprise and enterprise), B2C (between enterprise and consumer) or C2C (between consumers and consumers), whether it is international or domestic.

The evaluation of suppliers is mainly about four aspects: price, quality, delivery and service. In addition, we should also examine the environment of the location of the water bottle supplier, that is, the four basic elements of the transnational procurement we often say, namely, the value flow, the service flow, the information flow and the capital flow.


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