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12oz/9oz double wall tumbler printing art profile

This year's hottest tumblers will be double wall stainless steel 12oz coffee mugs definitely. This coffee cup is compact in shape, has large design space and can keep warm. It's a good choice for making gifts or brand products. Now It's almost Christmas Day ,and you will find it has already became a

exclusive beloved New Year gift ,so today let'stalk about printing art of this water bottles.

As we all know,printing art have heat transfer printing,silk printing and laser priting,

but we seldom know "Gas dyeing and printing","water transfer printing",now let's just tell them difference from pictures:

you will find from above pictures ,those two mugs printing patterns have obviously joint sutures,

now let talk about water transfer printing:


water thansfer printing mugs dont have the joint suture,but normally ,water transfer printing is a little expensive than Gas dyeing and printing,if you are a censorious personyoucan choose it ,

so now we can get it even this simple printing art it also has so much complex and difficult technology,that why we are always keep doing the best one of this industry!

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