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  • You only need to pay for the shipping cost of one bottle, but you can get four bottles. Are you willing?


    You only need to pay for the shipping cost of one bottle, but you can get four bottles. Are you willing?It is 4 in 1 sports water bottle set. One set bottle include 3300ml bottle , 1500ml bottle,700ml bottle and 300ml bottle. The 3300ml bottle and 1500ml bottle are withremovable straw.It is a new product produced by Wealtime in the summer of 2023, and its advantage is that the other three bottles are packed in the largest bottles, thereby reducing a lot of shipping costs.

  • Differences when talking about business


    Many people maybe know when we start to talk about business ,there are always have differences between different countries' person,like in some places you start talking about prices for products when in other countries they are still trying to define exactly what's wanted.Some people think it is a waste of time discussing something if the price is always going to be unrealistic,whereas some feel they cant begin t o think about price until they know all the details .and yes ,for us ,we pr

  • Sino-American Trade War


    For global stability and prosperity,nothing may matter more than how the world's two largest economies handle their relationship,in the past few years,bilateral economic and trade cooperation hasgenerated huge benefits for people of both sides ,but now American issued treaty of levying duties on Chinese firms ,which also will influence economy of America,most of American companies are trying to stop this by appealing to Trump,some people express that they hope cooperation not egoism,free tra

  • The Future of Manufacturer


    Over the past few years, we've been working on the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing services. The Internet era should provide accelerating power for manufacturing. Many of our customers have been creating new, more life-friendly products, but it's hard to find manufacturers who can respond quickly to their needs. In the Internet era, we welcome such innovations, and we will specialize in producing good products for our customers.innovative products for our custom

  • The Difference of B2B and B2C


    B2B and B2C are two completely different decision models.Let's take a simple example: How long will it take you to make a decision when you go to the supermarket to buy laundry detergent, to buy stains or to buy white?It may be just a moment, and your decision will be influenced by past usage habits and advertisements.But when you go to buy a car or a house, you may spend months in a forum, listening to your wife or even your mother-in-law's advice, and carefully comparing the options.Th

  • wealtime tell you how to find a supplier of water bottles


    How to Find a Supplier of Water BottlesNow more and more people are starting to focus on online marketing, and Google is popularizing to get the customers they want, because factories and producers need to find more customers, open up a wider market, and even do business around the world.

  • How to make your business permanent


    Wealtime is abrand and platform focus on household items,custom gifts.We have cheap and good products,also dedicated to professional design and popular styles,our main products are vacuum water bottles,coffee cups,travel mugs andscented candles...We provide high quality services, rapid and efficient communication, and most importantly, we have a team of production supervision and quality testing. As we all know, the product is homogeneous in the market today, so we pay more attention to providin

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