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  • You only need to pay for the shipping cost of one bottle, but you can get four bottles. Are you willing?


    You only need to pay for the shipping cost of one bottle, but you can get four bottles. Are you willing?It is 4 in 1 sports water bottle set. One set bottle include 3300ml bottle , 1500ml bottle,700ml bottle and 300ml bottle. The 3300ml bottle and 1500ml bottle are withremovable straw.It is a new product produced by Wealtime in the summer of 2023, and its advantage is that the other three bottles are packed in the largest bottles, thereby reducing a lot of shipping costs.

  • In the summer of 2023, this sports water bottle actually sold the best


    In the summer of 2023, a sports water bottle actually sold the best,It is3 in 1 set water bottle. This set water bottle include one 2L motivational water bottle,0.9L motivational water bottle and 0.3L kids water bottle.Its advantage is that a small bottle is placed inside a bottle that is one level biger than it.So you can see from the outside that there is only one bottle, but it has two bottles in its stomach. This greatly reduces the volume and saves a lot of ship

  • It has been popular on Amazon for 5 years, what product has such great charm?


    Wow! You have to admit, it's really beautiful.It is a 2000ml sports motivational water bottle with a storage sleeve. Wealtime has been specialized inmanufacturingthis product for many years, and their product quality is very good, receiving unanimous praise from many buyers. Importantly, their factory has designed different colors and beautiful patterns, making theirproduct sell well on Amazon. Why does this product have such great charm? Not only is its appearance very

  • Recently, there is a thermos bottle that looks like a woman's skirt, and is very popular.


    Today I recommend a very beautiful vacuum bottle for you.The shape of this bottle is very similar to a beautiful skirt, so it is also called a skirt bottle.It is regarded as a goddess water bottle, so the women who own it are very attractive.People often give it as a gift to their loved ones. Such as wife, girlfriend, sister etc.Now introduce the properties of this cup. Its capacity is 450ml, height is 22cm and bottom diameter is 7cm. The material is 304 stainless steel, and its body has two lay

  • Wealtime tell you how to prevent COVID-19 virus


    (Please share this article with your family)As we all know, the virus first broke out on a large scale in China. China is the most populous country in the world, but the control of the virus has achieved the best results. How did they do it?1. Wear maskIt can effectively reduce the risk of infection by avoiding crowded places and wearing masks when necessary. Avoid closed and airless public places, especially children, the elderly, pregnant women and patients with basic diseases。  2. Window v

  • How to purchase high quality products from China?


    As we all know, China's economic strength today is very strong, ranking second in the world. Because of China's large population and rich resources, the prices of the goods produced in China are very cheap and the quality is very good. Because in China, there are many factories in the manufacturing industry and the cost of employees is not high, the competitiveness between factories is very fierce.So many other countries import products from China, which is very cost-effective. In their

  • Differences when talking about business


    Many people maybe know when we start to talk about business ,there are always have differences between different countries' person,like in some places you start talking about prices for products when in other countries they are still trying to define exactly what's wanted.Some people think it is a waste of time discussing something if the price is always going to be unrealistic,whereas some feel they cant begin t o think about price until they know all the details .and yes ,for us ,we pr

  • Cautions for Drinking Protein


    Fitness generally we think that three points training seven points of diet, diet occupies an important part of fitness, if you do not eat well, then fitness training will become a simple destruction of the body.So for the vast majority of fitness methods, the most important dietary element is protein, because training stimulates muscle, and protein supplements muscle, so protein is the focus of our diet.Protein supplementation does not mean how much protein you eat or drink, but how much protein

  • WALTIME and Thai Customers Meet in Guangzhou, China


    Thai customers came to Guangzhou, China,
    and we had dinner with them in Guangzhou. And during dinner, we
    discussed the details of the product order together. Later,they taught
    us to learn Thai. Very happy and friendly. Thai
    customers said that she was very confident to cooperate with us,
    because our company is very honest and responsible, so that they do not
    have to worry about cooperation problems, which reduces their troubles
    and saves them time.

  • Dragon Boat Festival


    Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, an important traditional festival in China. This festival is to commemorate a famousChinese hero, Qu Yuan. On this day people will go to the dragon boat raceand eat dumplings, the scene is very lively. If you want to know more about China, please follow me.

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