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  • News of e-commerce this winter


    The Indian government announced that it would ban Amazon, Wal-Mart and other e-commerce platforms from selling subsidiary products through affiliates.Amazon's Christmas sales hit a record again, with more than 1 billion prime orders in the United States, doubling demand from last year.

  • Chinese products purchase platform


    Everyone knows that China hava many peopel,peopel mountain peopel sea,of course we have many cerbor

  • Wealtime tell you water bottle global sourcing trends


    wealtime as awater bottle source manufacturer,it is a kind ofGlobal Sourcing,now let us get start to kown aboutGlobal Sourcing.Definition 1: Global Sourcing refers to the use of global resources to find suppliers worldwide to find products with the best quality and reasonable prices.Definition 2: global procurement, generally refers to the official procurement that does not include the behavior of the enterprise, such as the United Nations, various international organizations, governments and ot

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