• Wealtime tell you how to prevent COVID-19 virus


    (Please share this article with your family)As we all know, the virus first broke out on a large scale in China. China is the most populous country in the world, but the control of the virus has achieved the best results. How did they do it?1. Wear maskIt can effectively reduce the risk of infection by avoiding crowded places and wearing masks when necessary. Avoid closed and airless public places, especially children, the elderly, pregnant women and patients with basic diseases。  2. Window v

  • WALTIME and Thai Customers Meet in Guangzhou, China


    Thai customers came to Guangzhou, China,
    and we had dinner with them in Guangzhou. And during dinner, we
    discussed the details of the product order together. Later,they taught
    us to learn Thai. Very happy and friendly. Thai
    customers said that she was very confident to cooperate with us,
    because our company is very honest and responsible, so that they do not
    have to worry about cooperation problems, which reduces their troubles
    and saves them time.

  • Dragon Boat Festival


    Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, an important traditional festival in China. This festival is to commemorate a famousChinese hero, Qu Yuan. On this day people will go to the dragon boat raceand eat dumplings, the scene is very lively. If you want to know more about China, please follow me.

  • WEALTIME has dinner with Indian customers


    We met with customers from India, we had dinner together and very happy to chat. The customer has Cooperated with us many times. They custom-made the water bottles from our company and are very satisfied with the quality of our products. We also gave them seven samples, they are very interested in the samples.We believe that more customers will like our products.

  • Single population


    SINGLE POPULATIONThe number of marriageable age men in China will be 24 million more than marriageable women in 2020,and given the huge social pressure single men face in rural areas ,many problems could emerge,which in turn could undermine social stability and harmony.But also ,the rising single population also has something to do with the current social values ,thanks to the fast-paced economic development and changing cultural norms,it is possible for single men or women to lead a relatively

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