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Cautions for Drinking Protein

Fitness generally we think that three points training seven points of diet, diet occupies an important part of fitness, if you do not eat well, then fitness training will become a simple destruction of the body.

So for the vast majority of fitness methods, the most important dietary element is protein, because training stimulates muscle, and protein supplements muscle, so protein is the focus of our diet.

Protein supplementation does not mean how much protein you eat or drink, but how much protein you eventually absorb. If you eat a lot of protein powder, but eventually only absorb a little protein, then most of the protein will be wasted.

For fitness players, after drinking protein powder, some habits determine your protein absorption effect, if you drink protein powder will do the following four things, then you will drink protein powder will be wasted.


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1. Drink Alcohol after Drinking Protein Powder

Some time ago, I saw a video saying that when Schwarzenegger drank protein powder, he would serve it with a glass of wine. I heard that it could make protein absorbed better. I judged this video to be a hoax.

Alcohol does have the function of relaxing muscles and activating blood circulation, expanding our blood vessels and speeding up blood flow, but alcohol decomposes our proteins and testosterone and inhibits our protein absorption.

If you drink protein powder and alcohol, you will find that when you urinate, you will make foam. That foam is not alcohol, but the protein in our body, including the protein powder you just drank, and the original protein in your body.

So when you finish your exercise, you can't drink anything containing alcohol. If you finish your exercise and drink alcohol, not only will the protein powder be urinated, but also the protein in your body will be decomposed.

In general, if you exercise, you basically need to keep away from alcohol. If you have the habit of drinking, it's hard for you to absorb protein, and the training effect will become very poor. If you want to drink alcohol, try not to drink protein powder, reduce the burden of the kidney.

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2. Drinking protein powder and training

Many people drink protein powder immediately after strength training, but after drinking protein powder, they will do about half an hour of aerobic training, such as running, rope training and so on.

In fact, this way will lead to waste of protein powder, because when we exercise, whether anaerobic exercise or aerobic exercise, the main sympathetic nerve is driving the body, so the absorptive capacity under exercise is very poor.

Only when our body relaxes will the parasympathetic nerve take over our body, and then the absorptive and recovery abilities will be enhanced. The nervous system determines the absorptive capacity of our body.

3. Don't drink water after drinking protein powder

Some players reported that after drinking protein powder, it is easy to get acne. This situation is caused by the fact that you do not like drinking water, because protein powder needs to be diluted to a certain extent in the process of absorption and utilization.

If you don't have much water in your body, protein powder will take away body fluids from your body, such as those in your intestines or stomach. At this time, the intestines and stomach are short of water, so it will cause "fire" and the acne will come out.


4. Drinking protein powder and staying up late

The absorption of protein powder needs a medium, which is our testosterone. If testosterone hormone is not secreted enough, then it is useless to supplement more protein.

Testosterone plays a protective role in muscle loss. When our protein is synthesized into muscle, our testosterone will also participate. If testosterone is secreted too little, not only can the protein not synthesize muscle, but also the original muscle will be lost.

For example, when some players stop taking drugs, their muscles shrink very quickly. This is because of the destruction of drugs, the testosterone secretion of these players may not be as good as that of an eight-year-old child.

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