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  • Single population


    SINGLE POPULATIONThe number of marriageable age men in China will be 24 million more than marriageable women in 2020,and given the huge social pressure single men face in rural areas ,many problems could emerge,which in turn could undermine social stability and harmony.But also ,the rising single population also has something to do with the current social values ,thanks to the fast-paced economic development and changing cultural norms,it is possible for single men or women to lead a relatively

  • Drinking more water is not the better


    1. Choose fresh boiled waterWhite boiled water is the preferred natural water to supplement human body's water. American experts have found that white boiled water naturally cooled to 20 ~25 C after boiling has specific biological activity. It is easier to penetrate cell membranes and can promote metabolism and enhance human immune function.Those who are used to drinking warm and cold boiled water have higher activity of deoxygenase, good metabolism, less accumulation of lactic acid in muscl

  • How to Identify Good Thermal Bottle


    Tips of purchasingThere are many kinds of stainless steel insulating cups sold on the market, and the price difference is very large. For some consumers, they do not understand the principle and often spend a lot of money to buy unsatisfactory products. How can we buy high quality vacuum insulating cups?First of all, it depends on the appearance of the cup. See if the polishing of the inner and outer surfaces is uniform, whether there are bruises and scratches.Second, to see whether the mouth we

  • News of e-commerce this winter


    The Indian government announced that it would ban Amazon, Wal-Mart and other e-commerce platforms from selling subsidiary products through affiliates.Amazon's Christmas sales hit a record again, with more than 1 billion prime orders in the United States, doubling demand from last year.

  • The Future of Manufacturer


    Over the past few years, we've been working on the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing services. The Internet era should provide accelerating power for manufacturing. Many of our customers have been creating new, more life-friendly products, but it's hard to find manufacturers who can respond quickly to their needs. In the Internet era, we welcome such innovations, and we will specialize in producing good products for our customers.innovative products for our custom

  • The Difference of B2B and B2C


    B2B and B2C are two completely different decision models.Let's take a simple example: How long will it take you to make a decision when you go to the supermarket to buy laundry detergent, to buy stains or to buy white?It may be just a moment, and your decision will be influenced by past usage habits and advertisements.But when you go to buy a car or a house, you may spend months in a forum, listening to your wife or even your mother-in-law's advice, and carefully comparing the options.Th

  • Chinese products purchase platform


    Everyone knows that China hava many peopel,peopel mountain peopel sea,of course we have many cerbor

  • The benefits of drinking water in the morning


    When the body wakes up in the morning after a night's sleep, it usually feels thirsty, so we often drink a lot of water to replenish the body. But do you know the benefits of drinking plenty of water in the morning? When you finish reading, you will never forget the habit of drinking water in the morning.1. convenient urineTo wake up every morning, drink water first (the best half an hour after waking up), can stimulate the stomach peristalsis, prevent habitual constipation, and can accumula

  • WEALTIME will be your truly business partner


    Buying a product from overseas can be risky and fraught with uncertainties. We are here as a partner of your business in China, offering our clients an unconventional safety net for more business.Our team is responsible for handling your project: custom logos, sample making, quality control, inspections, packing, shipping.As a client, we encourage you to visit our corporate office. And welcome you to travel to China with our staff to review the factory selected. Also we don't mind follow up

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