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wealtime Protein shaker bottles 500ml BPA free

  Protein Shaker Blender Mixer Cup Sports Fitness gym 3 Layers Multifunction 500ml BPA free Shaker Bottle

1,Open the lid after receiving cups ( cup body has the mark, although the scale mark 500 ml , but the actual capacity is 600 ml ) , to which everything fell out with the rotary separator together two cups spin in received by the bottom mug , filter funnel placed over the cup downwardly received , and the filter cup experience a certain gap , such will produce greater resistance to shaking , to promote better and faster dissolving powder , spin tight lid , carabiners hanging hole can be hung on the cup . This cup is assembled finished.

2 , the bottom layer Holds normal protein powder ; middle partition layer Holds Pieces, capsules ; the top layer of reconstituted use. When reconstituted protein powder into the top layer , add some warm water, place the funnel , screw the lid, with the index finger of water at the mouth tight lid firmly shake until completely dissolved.

3 , it is recommended that you first of all open after receiving ventilation , rinse clean after use
 If you put hot water into the shaker bottle , please do not cover, untill the hot water cool down to 40 degrees , or it may be deformed, leaking, water spray and so on.

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