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wealtime 17oz cola water bottles keep warm 24 hours?

Capacity: 500 ml

Size: 26.5 cm * 6.5 cm
Diameter: 3 cm
Material: stainless steel

We allways can find there are so many kinds of cola bottles,they are like swell brand,flask brand....

but actually most of double wall cola bottles can keep warm for 12hours,they are vacuum,with stainless steel material,inside layer with copper ,actually keep 12hours warm is very easy,but 24hours will be difficult,that is because water bottle lid cant seal totally,some air still can be inside,bottles lid have silicone ring,this is very best material we can use to keep from air,look at pictures bellow;

hope you can find cola bottle well,thank you


500ml Wood Grain Cola Water Bottle Double Wall Stainless Steel  Sports Water Bottles Insulated Bowling Bottle

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