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Drinking more water is not the better

1. Choose fresh boiled water

White boiled water is the preferred natural water to supplement human body's water. American experts have found that white boiled water naturally cooled to 20 ~25 C after boiling has specific biological activity. It is easier to penetrate cell membranes and can promote metabolism and enhance human immune function.

Those who are used to drinking warm and cold boiled water have higher activity of deoxygenase, good metabolism, less accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue, and are not easy to feel fatigue. Russian scholars have confirmed that regular drinking warm and cold boiled water can prevent colds, pharyngitis and some skin diseases.

However, when boiled water is exposed to air for more than 4 hours, its biological activity will lose more than 70%.

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2. Multiple, small and slow drinks

Human body fluids are gradually consumed, so the amount of drinking water in a day should be rationally supplemented several times. In addition to a cup of boiled water (about 300-500 ml) which is generally accepted by medical circles in various countries in the morning when waking up, it is suggested that a small amount of drinking water be divided into several periods, such as one hour before breakfast, one hour after dinner and one hour before bedtime, 10 am, 3 p.m. and during exercise. Different water should be selected according to different conditions, such as boiled water, tea, mineral water, milk, pure fruit juice, and so on. Don't drink too much water after dinner.


3. Drink water even you are not thirsty

When a person feels thirsty, water shortage has reached a certain level in his body. It is unscientific to drink water when he is thirsty. If he does not take the initiative to drink water, his skin will be dry, wrinkled, dry mouth and constipation. If he does not take enough water for a long time, his aging will be accelerated and his health will be affected. When water shortage exceeds 2% of his body weight, he will have fewer drinks and urine, and when he exceeds 6% of his body weight, he will feel dizzy, flustered and restless. Drink water diligently before you feel thirsty


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